FSANZ Standard 3.2.2A: Victoria Extends Deadline for Existing Food Safety Supervisors

December 5, 2023 Read Time icon 2 min read

The ever-changing landscape of Australian food safety necessitates continuous updates to the relevant legislation. Staying informed is critical for maintaining compliance. 

Recent adjustments to the enforcement of Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) Standard 3.2.2A in Victoria highlight the need for awareness and understanding. If you're a food business operator in Victoria, there is a good chance that these latest changes impact you. Take a moment to examine the information provided below.

Relief for Existing Food Safety Supervisors

FSANZ Standard 3.2.2A sets the requirements for ensuring food safety throughout the Australian food industry, including mandatory Food Safety Supervisor training. 

For food establishments in Victoria, the deadline for obtaining new Food Safety Supervisor certification remains in place for December 8, 2023. However, there's good news for existing Food Safety Supervisors – a recently announced extension gives them until December 8 2028, to renew their certification.

This five-year grace period provides businesses with ample time to ensure compliance without the pressure of an impending deadline. It applies to all Food Safety Supervisors who acquired their certification before December 8 2023, giving them a five-year window in which to recertify and align with updated regulations.

Extending the compliance deadline for experienced Food Safety Supervisors in Victoria is a sensible addition to existing guidelines. It demonstrates a recognition of the complexities associated with Standard 3.2.2A compliance and enables organisations to ensure their Food Safety Supervisors are well-versed in the latest food safety standards and food handling practices.

The Critical Contribution of Food Safety Supervisors

Understanding the significance of Food Safety Supervisors is key when trying to measure the potential impact of this deadline extension. These supervisory personnel play a pivotal role in overseeing day-to-day food handling operations, providing guidance to Food Handlers, ensuring safe practices and managing safety risks effectively.

To comply with Standard 3.2.2A, designated Food Safety Supervisors must hold a certification obtained within the previous five years, emphasising the need for continuous education and procedure updates in order to align with evolving food safety standards.

Navigating the Certification Process

Despite the extension for existing Food Safety Supervisors, it remains critical for food businesses to plan ahead when it comes to recertification. By utilising the provided time frame effectively, food establishments in Victoria can contribute to a safer food industry.

Certification/recertification is only possible through participation in government-approved Food Safety Supervisor training. The Australian Institute of Food Safety (AIFS) offers a nationally recognised Food Safety Supervisor course that covers all mandated elements. For convenience, it can be completed in just a few hours using AIFS’s online education platform.

Consider this extended deadline a call to action. Prioritise consumer health and legal compliance by investing in the AIFS Food Safety Supervisor course today. 

For more information on enrolling with AIFS, visit our website or get in touch for expert advice.

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